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Embroidery Prices


Embroidery can bring a touch of excellence to any garment, and JFM can offer that service to either consumer or business alike. Embroidery colour and design options can add that special feel and look to any logo, our charges below reflect the size, number of stitches and threads used.

Embroidery Charges:

Standard Charge A: £3.50 per logo for sleeve, chest, nape of neck, pockets

Standard Charge B: £5.00 per logo for large front and back

*Other options are available upon request, please call or email to discuss

Many logos, images or text can have a wide variety of embroidery threads that can be matched to garments for look, safety, and feel, by using only the best materials, the following options can be a consideration:

Flame retardant: For workwear where flame retardant material is required – available in 34 colours

Specialist threads: Offering Luminescent and reflective threads, stand out or something different for some garments.

Poly-neon thread is the ideal embroidery thread garments that require frequent or heavy duty washing/laundering. Recommended for sportswear and workwear.

It’s important to provide your artwork as high quality and clear as possible so we so we can see all the finer detail on any logos or images, and finer detail on any text, if we need to trace your image we can, but then that’s why we need to have the best possible image you can provide.

There are some very basic guidelines to understand when choosing embroidery as a garment finish, the main being embroidery finish is different to print finish, by that we mean certain the following:

1)Drop shadows and gradients do at times require some changes in embroidery format to that of print format. Once you have provided your artwork for Embroidery, we may suggest some slight changes, but we will always work with you for your approval on any embroidery suggested changes.

2)Fonts may have to be enhanced if the font size is too small or contains text that may have to be adapted for embroidery, again based on your artwork provided, we can work with you on any suggested changes.

3)Garment choice, not all garments are suitable for embroidery, so light weight T shirts for example could be better suited to print finish than embroidery. Most garments within our range, are however suitable, either from our lifestyle or workwear range, please do check first on your choice of garment.

4)Large embroidery can cost more, simply because more thread is used and more time is taken, for example large logos or images on the back of garments. See our embroidery application above for stitch count charges.

Our Embroidery service offer is up to a maximum of 100 garments at any one time, at this time, please allow as much lead time as possible until we can increase our embroidery capacity.

Where possible we can replicate your pantone colour requirement if you can or do provide the pantone numbers, to enable your embroidered finish to exactly meet your requirements.

Embroidery set up cost is £10.00, however if the order is above 20 items, this charge is waived.

If the artwork supplied is not of suitable quality, then we can offer our design services to bring artwork to the required standard for a fee of £20.00, we will then send you your updated artwork file for your approval before we undertake any embroidery work.

Please also note, positioning of any embroidery logo onto garments may not be the same on each garment and for each image, but care will be taken to make sure that any difference is not a noticeable difference.

Our Do’s and Don’ts - what we don’t do and what we can do…

As a new company, we would rather be honest and open with any potential customer, so here is our open honesty:

  • What we can do is manage is a 5 day turn around service on embroidered garments from confirmed order of 100+ garments, generally, subject to quantity.
  • For orders under 100 garments, we can offer a 3 day turn around service from confirmed order.
  • The more lead time you can help with, the better we can provide our service. Open and honesty, expectations managed, and if we can’t fulfil your order request, we will say.
  • We don’t do same day service on embroidered bulk orders, we can’t yet, but we’re working on it.
  • We don’t do a 24-hour turn around service on embroidered bulk orders, same as above, we can’t yet.
  • We don’t even do 48-hour turn around service on embroidered bulk orders, same as above, we can’t yet, but we’re working on it.
  • What we can do is leave miracles to other companies until we can grow capacity, but with your support and understanding, we can hope to do all the above in the future, so if you place a bulk order with us, see below.

The serious bits:

Please Note: if you purchase any garment and items from of our workwear range and have requested or uploaded artwork for logos or images, please ensure that all artwork is your own original work, artwork that could or may infringe any copyright or intellectual property issues, may be refused. JFM Workwear will not be held liable for any copyright or Intellectual Property rights infringements relating to artwork supplied via 3rd parties. 

When washing and ironing any garment, the washing instructions will vary depending on the type of finishing used. Whilst we strive to use only the highest standard of embroidery and heat-sealed transfers, we accept no liability for any damage to logos due to not following any washing instructions. Always follow the garment washing and ironing instructions on each garment label.

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